My trip to Romania – Ruby Watson

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My trip to Romania – Ruby Watson

Last year we went to Romania too see who my mum looked after when she was younger. When we first got to Cernavoda it looked really different to the pictures of when my mum was there. The first time we met the kids I was surprised how excited they were to see my mum. It was amazing how much they missed her, just like she misses them! I loved all of the kids and thought it was amazing what the charity is doing. One of the days we were there we took Turkian, Daniela, Romana, Buba and Adriana out to Constanta for a while and it made me realise how spoilt we are over here. The kids were excited to go to McDonalds and me and my family go out for dinner quite often. However, for a few days on our trip to Romania me and my family went to Sinaia and this was without a doubt the most beautiful place I have ever seen! The views and the place in general were just wonderful!  To help the charity me, my mum and my sister decorated the library for kids my age and younger to go and visit. We painted the walls, sorted books and laid out pillows and blankets so it was comfy for anyone who needed to visit.

When we got back from our amazing trip to Romania I just wanted to go back and do more than just decorate the library.

So, when Ben gave us the opportunity to do more I was so excited. My mum said if we did 100 miles either running or cycling in August we could raise £200 for Romania. Even though I hate running this still made me happy as I would do anything for the kids. Our aim was 100 miles to raise £200 but we managed to do 150 miles and raise over 1000 pounds!

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