Serving their country, and our community.

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Serving their country, and our community.

Since the pandemic, Nightingales has been very blessed by the fact that monthly, soldiers and workers from the NATO airbase near Constanta, have been coming to our centre in Cernavoda to run activities for the young people. It has been amazing to see the way that these dedicated men and women are in Romania to serve their country, but in their free time are serving our community and our beneficiaries.

We have had Canadians, British and Americans. They all come with a great amount of energy, to help run activities which the young people love. They have bought fun and excitement to autumn fancy dress party, the muscles to a press-up and plank competition, their sharp shooting to a huge summer water fight and smiles, and sweets and just so much fun. We wish we could run these events more often, but due to everyone’s programme this is not possible. Seeing our differently abled adults, our girls at risk, boys from the literacy club and local children from the community all coming together and enjoying their Saturday mornings at Nightingales, brings such joy.

The greatest memory from these days, and there are so many which makes it is hard to choose, but there is one that stands out; the big breakfast bash! A team from the Canadian Airforce and the American Army, wanted to come and make together with out young people a real North American breakfast. The idea was fantastic and something that we were all very excited about.

On the Saturday in question, the team came with pancake mix, fruits, syrup, and a lot of chocolate. The young people, without even eating all their sugar were suddenly on a high! What ensued was total bedlam, there was constant mixing, flipping, frying, eating, tasting, and licking! We have no idea how 3 hours passed in a flash, the young people left so full of breakfast, their clothes covered in flour, syrup, and various chocolate stains. As the young people left to go home, happy, and full. The team breathed for the first time that morning. The kitchen, looked like something they would see in their normal work life. The team were tired but buzzing, and it wasn’t from all the sugar. I am not sure many of the team had a chance, or really wanted to eat what they had made, as 7000 hands had been in the mixture. They were so excited to having witnessed the fun, the madness, and so many young people being able to eat until they couldn’t eat anymore.

These activities continue monthly, and we are excited about what great fun and excitement we will have with the team at the end of February.

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