How the money from the UK to Romania for NCP money will be spent

Romania, as many of you know, has hot summers with temperatures up to 35 degrees Celsius. The winters are a different story with the possibility of snow and minus temperatures from October through to April. With the temperature getting down to as cold as minus 20 degrees and snow storms which last for weeks.

The house where the handicapped adults live is supplied by the town heating system. It costs in the region of £700 a year to heat the house, and this only heats 3 of the 7 radiators.

In 2020, due to the Corona Virus we need to make some changes that will make Nightingales more economical over the next five years. One way is to reduce the heating bill. The instalment of a pellet central heating system would bring the cost down annually to £400, and heat all 7 radiators!

The money raised will also go towards heating the day centre that the charity runs for young girls at risk of being involved in human trafficking, the centre costs £1800 a year to heat.

Pellets for the central heating system

The Central Heating System

A breakdown of the costs:

New Central heating system: £2000

Installing the system: Free – David Savage, the charity’s director is able to do this.

Pellets for winter 2020-2021 – £400

Pellets for winter 2021 – 2023 – £800

Total: £3200

Difference between £5000 and £3200 = £1800 – The price it costs to heat the day centre during the winter.

Nightingales will therefore have the day centre heated for winter 2020-2021, and the house heated between 2020-2023.

The residents of the house clearing the snow