Experiences from Volunteers visiting Nightingales

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Experiences from Volunteers visiting Nightingales

My time at Nightingales Children’s Project by Hannah Giraudeau a pupil from Dauntsey’s School

In the summer of 2018, I had the privilege of visiting the children’s project after raising money in its support for several months with my school. Nothing can prepare you for the community you’ll come across at Nightingales, a community built on a foundation of love and support and a place like no other. We arrived in the evening, welcomed by the Nightingales team, and of course a lovely meal prepared by Stela (who was an incredible chef throughout our time there!). This trip is an annual tradition for my school, yet it still came as a shock to hear how anticipated our arrival was by the local children, and how they had been showing up at the gates days before we were even there for the activity days. The week itself was simultaneously the most exhausting and incredible experience of my life; starting the day with the wake-and-shake, spending mornings playing games on the field (“rata rata gasca – duck, duck, goose” a personal favourite), dancing to “Waka Waka” for hours on end, and of course finishing the day with one of the famous Dragon’s Den frappuccinos-ice coffee with ice-cream, all whilst creating cherished memories and friendships along the way.  Some of my favourite moments have to have been playing “Cal, Cavaler – a variation on music statues” (despite not winning once, I still think it was rigged!), Baba and Vali’s amazing dance duet during the talent show, and the intense games of volleyball played between almost one hundred people. The final day was an emotional one; it was so hard to say goodbye to everyone we’d met, and it amazed me how quickly such strong bonds were made with everyone. Everyone involved in the project is so hardworking and immensely creative, and I came away from Romania with an unforgettable experience. I wish them all the best in the future!

A trip to Nightingales with Stand International – September 2018 by Sarah-Louise Kennedy

I had an amazing time at Nightingales project last year. I spent two weeks volunteering through Stand International. I was nervous and excited about the trip with Stand as I didn’t know what to expect with coming to a new country and not knowing the language but I was surprised at how many people could speak English. I couldn’t wait to start the work at the project and to see the difference it would make. During the two weeks I painted murals at the project, I felt my painting skills were not the best for the job but by the end of the two weeks my skills develop and my confidence grew. I really enjoyed meeting the guys at the house on street Ovidiu and seeing the excitement on their faces when we arrived and building a relationship with them even though I only knew very little Romanian. The Nightingales team are special people who have a heart of gold and put so much of themselves into the project. If it wasn’t for them where would the guys at Ovidiu be? What would the children have to do in Cernavoda?  The trip made me realise how grateful I am for what I have and how lucky I am to have what I have. 

My Summers in Romania – an entry from a pupil from Dauntsey’s who came with her school and then returned the following summer to volunteer with some friends.

I first visited Nightingales Romania in July 2017, where I volunteered as part of the Dauntsey’s school annual trip to the charity. In this time we worked arranging activities for children from different backgrounds. I found this experience valuable as I have always been interested in different cultures and in charity work. I then visited Nightingales in 2018 as part of a smaller group when we took some of the girls from the ‘Girls at risk’ scheme away on a holiday to the coast in Constanta. This allowed us to engage in team-building activities and build stronger relationships with the girls. Working with the Nightingales charity has taught me how materialistic Western society can be, and while I appreciate everything I have, it has encouraged me to help those less fortunate than myself. I plan to visit again in 2019, and after developing strong relationships with those involved with the charity, I will maintain contact and continue to do anything I can to make a difference. – Beth Lacey

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