Become a friend of Nightingales in 2021:

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Become a friend of Nightingales in 2021:

Nightingales is fully aware that 2020 and 2021 has been, and will be hard for so many people. The lack of job security for so many, the amount of people who cannot work during the pandemic and people who have had families and friends badly affected by the virus. At Nightingales we attempted to offer the beneficiaries in our care and projects, all that they need to fulfil their potential. We have small overheads, due to having three long-term volunteers who help to run the majority of our projects. The only paid staff we have are the three housemothers, who have been working for Nightingales since 1998, who care for our differently abled adults. 

In 2021, to continue to be able to offer the care needed for our beneficiaries, we are looking for 50 people to become ‘friends of Nightingales’. 

What does it mean to be a friend of Nightingales:

To be a friend of Nightingales asks you to consider donating at least£5 a month. To have this regular income in the charity it allows us to make sure that each month we can cover what our beneficiaries need, without having to reduce the quality of our care. It means we can plan activities with them for the year, structuring their care to aid them to fulfil their potential. In return Nightingales will provide you with a short update once every two months. It will allow you to become a partner in what we are doing as a charity, to keep in regular contact with our beneficiaries and their progress. 

Where will your donation be spent?

Your donation will go towards the daily running costs of the charity. It will make sure that we can pay the bills needed at the day centre, where the young men and women come on a daily basis to receive homework help, mentoring sessions and are able to be part of the social enterprise schemes. For the differently abled adults it allows us to pay the staff, a minimum wage for Romania, who care for and have been caring for our young people since 1998. They are much more than just employees; they are like family. It will also cover the electricity and water bill at their house. 

We understand that you might like your donation to be used in a glamorous way but, without these donations Nightingales would not exist. The differently abled adults would be in the state care adult institution. The young people from the town that we mentor, would probably end up dropping out of education, and following many of the role models from the areas in which they live, most probably meaning that they would make negative choices regarding their future, without the input of Nightingales in their lives and the lives of their families. 

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