A summer volunteering in Romania

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Masha is a young girl from Ismail, Ukraine who came to Romania in February 2022, this is from her experience volunteering with Nightingales.

“This summer Nightingales was full of activities. I would like to to describe some of them. At the end of June and July were held day camps for children and also for Ukrainians. Our family could also join the camp staff and we want to share with you our impression. 

The camp had many highlights, working with lovely people, seeing the children have so much fun and making new friends.

The children made a crafts every day, had sport games, English lessons, and also one of Ukrainian ladies, Anna prepared with others volunteers cooking crafts, such as: waffles, cupcakes, sweet sandwiches etc. So children could learn how to cook and then enjoy their cookies. Of course, the best part of activities were the water games. It was the best part not only for children but also for volunteers.

We are sure everyone enjoyed those magnificent days spent at Casa Fericirii.”

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