The Spirit of Christmas

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The Spirit of Christmas

For many years our young people prepared and took part in Christmas shows. We thought maybe we had seen this for the last time a few years ago, but this year, Christmas 2023, we had the most amazing surprise.

Our young differently abled adults, Turkian, Baba, Adriana and Valerica have been attending daily sessions with a local organisation, ‘Cernavoda Plus’. This Christmas they were part of a show from the local High School. It was amazing. For the weeks before the show, they were all talking about what they were singing, what they would be doing, and how they would be doing it.

On the day of the show, we did not really know what to expect, but what happened was beyond our wildest imagination. Our young people were opening the show. Valerica sang the first song. She couldn’t get through much of it because she was crying with joy. It was beautiful, the packed hall loved her. Then Adriana, caught up by Valerica’s emotions, also cried through her piece. She obviously knew the chorus a lot better than the verses; as she belted it out.

We were slightly unsure what Baba would be doing, he had a pair of drum sticks in hand, and during Adriana’s song he made his way to the snare drum and symbol which was placed just right of centre stage. He sat for a while, without playing as Adriana finished her song.

Then, Turkian, who we all know is a real show person, took the stage, she was singing, getting the audience involved in clapping and waving her arms as she sang her heart out. She looked in her element. As she hit the first note of the chorus Baba also came to life on the drums, he drummed away loving the atmosphere.

After Turkian had finally given up the microphone, Baba’s time came. He had a whole song to himself, playing the drums, and once again, the crowd loved it. Probably as Turkian had warmed them up. It was such a great day, such fun and everyone left smiling.

This was something that we did not think that we would see again. It was such a joy, the photos and the videos do not do the whole event justice. We laughed, we cried and have re-lived the experience again and again.

Turkian and the other guys, are excited about the next time they can get up on stage, and we will definately be there to watch!

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