Rasova – an outward-bound centre for under privileged young people:

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Rasova – an outward-bound centre for under privileged young people:

Why this centre?

Nightingales needs as much quality time together with the young people we mentor. Time where they can grow and develop to achieve their full potential. To take a large group of people away, or to be able to get away several times a year, it is a huge financial burden to the organisation.

Nightingales came up with the concept of a centre where we could provide activities for our young people and other organisations could come to benefit from the facilities. A self-sufficient centre where young people could come and develop new skills, create fun memories, and enjoy a short holiday.                                                                                                                                                            Annually, we are aiming to provide outward bound activities for up to 300 young people during daily visits and at least 300 young people to be able to stay for camps at our site.

Where is it?

The centre is situated on the bend of the river Danube, 20 kilometres from Cernavoda. The camp is 50 metres from the water. In front of the camp are both the river Danube and a small canal that goes up to a water pumping station. This canal is perfect for teaching young people water sports, and when they have the skills and the confidence then these can be transferred to the river. The land is 4000m², which means that there is space for creating more accommodation if needed in the future, and providing space for camping, other caravans, and recreational areas.


Nightingales is currently building the toilet and shower block, for up to 35 young people and their leaders. A block which recycles the water used by the shower and sink for use in the toilets. We have the frame for an outdoor structure, which will be a meeting place where all the young people at the camp can meet and spend time together when they are not out on the water. We have also acquired three caravans from the UK which we will be bringing over for accommodation.


So that we can hit our target of being open in the summer of 2024 we currently have the following needs:

A 4 by 4 vehicle for taking equipment to the river.

Canoes, sit on kayaks, paddles, life vests and wetsuit boots.

3 caravans to complete the number needed for 20 young people to stay.

Solar-powered water heaters for the toilet block.


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